Österreich, Klettern und Ethan

For the next two weeks after Croatia I spent most of my time in Vienna climbing, exploring österreich and regrouping.


-note: Previously, I spent time with Johannes in Vienna during spring break back in march.

That Sunday we arrived back from Croatia immediately we went climbing with Armin -a friend of johannes’, I met in Thailand- about an hr south of Vienna at Adlitzgräben. We ran into a few road blocks because of this car race going on over the road johannes would normally use to drive to the area, but we hiked through the Forrest and made it there just fine.



One first night we spent out at the Prater riding the high flyer/swings, wandering the cute little prater amusement park and eating delicious Vietnamese food.





Then on Tuesday Ethan, my climbing friend from home, made his way to Vienna from Edinburgh! He is currently living in Scotland, for a Master program and took a few days to come see me/climb. We spent two nights at johannes’ family home and then went out for a night of car camping and mountain adventures. The first day we went out to the mountains did some sight seeing, but forgot a few things and went back into the city. That night we ended up going climbing and to dinner  with Johannes and Armin.



The next day we started climbing at Adlitzgräben early and got a few routes in..but soon after we arrived this intense rain/rail storm started. We were not really close to the car and it moved in really fast so we just hid in a nearby cave and watched the storm. After this we got food, explored a bit and then camped by the climbing area in the rental car for the night.



Finally on Thursday we had a really good climbing session climbing lots of routes and making it back to vienna in time for Ethan to get to his flight safely. Overall, maybe not the trip Ethan and I had imagined with the first day forgetting gear and the rain storm the second day, but oh well we still had a great time. We decided to play in the rain, laugh a lot, eat everything and just enjoy ourselves.


More Vienna

Later in the week Johannes and I went to this Vienna time travel experience and I learned more about vienna’s history. It was a type of interactive show that I have never been to before. They had a 5D movie time travel show, talking statues, a war room, spinning song experience and a nice carriage ride. The whole thing was a bit touristy, but pretty informative and really fun.

Over the weekend we went out to the hohe wand or big wall in english hoping to climb outside a bit, but yet again bad luck struck and we got stuck in the rain. So we spent the afternoon seeing the views before heading back to Vienna for indoor climbing.


Sunday Johannes was nice enough go take me out to a cat cafe in Vienna. If you do not know these are a newer type of place to us and the eu where you can get coffee or a pastry and enjoy the company of lovely shelter cats. Since at home I have two new little cats that I miss a lot, seeing the ones at cafe neko made me miss Rory and Luna a bit less.




Following the cafe we went to a place called “Aqua Terra Zoo.” It dis not look like much from the outside, but inside there were many fun animals. My favorites being the sea turtle, the moneys and dragons. Also, they had clear tubes running around as handrails where you could watch ants walk from their food source to their home which was pretty cool!



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Next stop… Budapest, Hungry ❤️😘

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rita Tobin says:

    Thanks for the blog Maggie ……even though it makes me want to be YOUNG again and do more world traveling like you are doing. Now I am waiting to hear about Budapest. Friends who have been there tell me it is so beautiful. When do you come back to Minnesota??
    Stay safe and keep making memories…….Hugs Auntie Rita


    1. shafe071 says:

      You are welcome! I am happy you are enjoying them and I am almost finished with my budapest blog so you are in luck. It was one of my favorite European cities! I will come back to MN august 29th and have no idea what’s after that. Best wishes, Maggie


  2. Nancy Zawacki says:

    Great post, Maggie! You certainly can “cope” and roll along with incredible situations! Glad you are safe, spending time with cool friends and climbing beyond belief!!!! Thanks for sharing. I am so happy that YOU are enjoying your life! Lots of love, Nanc


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