How I got here..

It all started a few months ago, when I decided to do something bold and adventurous. I said no to the typical life path post college, rejected all my perspective job opportunities and said yes to my passion for seeing the world.

So at least until the end of the year and possibly longer I will be traveling around the world and earning a bit more spending money back in MN. If you want to contact me please use facebook, whatsapp or telegram (USA phone #)


To begin my adventure I flew directly from:
MSP(Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport) –>FRA (Frankfurt Flughafen)
The first two days away, I spent my time in Frankfurt, Germany 🇩🇪
Short, but sweet.

Touring Frankfurt

I arrived at the airport and got all the necessities: bus tickets, luggage store, cash and food!
Soon after- I met up with a friend I met in Singapore, Daniel. We did a small tour of the city seeing the main tower, the Eiserner Steg bridge, a small international food market, walking along the Main river and drinking the famous frankfurt apfelwien.


That night we ended up at an African restaurant with our other Singapore friend Lotta, before heading off to sleep at the lovely home of my friend Daniel and his family. The night was very peaceful, even though I couldn’t sleep long with the jet-lag. Plus, the highlight of their place early in the morning was their incredibly adorable and cuddly cat “Fuzzel”, I very much wanted to steal 🤗


Day two in Frankfurt Daniel and I went to the Palmengarten for a while (beautiful botanical gardens). Then Daniel showed me around his university -Goethe Universität Frankfurt- and we had lunch on campus before his classes.


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After this I journeyed solo to the natural history museum, there I found a huge array of dinosaur skeletons and mant animal feathers/pelts. It was quite a large museum and fun to see.
Next, I walked around the city a bit and made my way to a coffee shop with a small frozen yogurt shop. One of my favorite things, so obviously I had to try the froyo!


Following the last bites of my delicious yogurt the beautiful weather I had so far quickly turned and a downpour starts! It was not exactly great timing because at that very time my friend Tobi, also from my semester in Singapore, was getting off work and about to leave to meet me for dinner.


But no fear, because Tobi was lucky enough to snag an umbrella for us to use and after waiting out the EXTREMELY heavy rain he made it to meet me. That night we choose a great Asian food place to eat, I drank more apfelwien and had great conversation catching up with my great friend Tobi.
Finally after dinner, it was almost time for me to go to Vienna– yet my 8-9hr bus ride started at 02:00….so instead of waiting in the train station alone, Tobi invited me to rest in his home and shower before the next step in my journey.

NEXT STOP….Vienna, Austria

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