Relaxing in Bintan.


On the Sindoferry to Bintan9/9
Friday, Johannes and I took the ferry out of Singapore. We took a late morning trip and our transport to the airport as well as though customs was very smooth.
Unlike the other trips so far, this trip was a bit spontaneous so we booked a hotel on the boat ride last minute. When we arrived some guy already had my name and was ready to take us to our resort. I did not request pick up and did not tell the hotel when I would arrive. .. I have to admit it was a bit strange.. But regardless they did have a car ready so we took it to our resort with a needed pit stop for snacks/water on the way. We arrived and the place was a ghost town. We had been told there is not much to do and the island was not that great, but we made the best out of everything.
We had a small chicken dinner at our hotel, relaxed on the beach and went to bed.
During the night I have to admit i did not enjoy the friends we found in our room. First, a grasshopper in the bathroom.. then an unknown creature moving the cookies on the floor.. not to mention the mosquitos -_-
The next morning we took it slow. Got our complementary breakfast, rented a scooter and drove around the city. Along the way we got more snacks and water. Then saw a temple. We got chicken/prawn dinner by the water in these little huts.
After Johannes found a beautiful little secluded beach by the water to take a little swim and saw the opposite side of the sunset from there with these beautiful red/orange lighting. Finally, we went back to relax at our hotel and I showed Johannes his first “ramen noodles” (an asian brand, but basically the same).
Private Beach Johannes found
We woke up early got breakfast at the hotel and ordered a taxi to take us to the new hotel near the ferry port. The hotel turned out to be quite nice: No bugs, No dirt and even a balcony. After dropping our things we walked into town and went shopping for snacks at this large target like store where the speakers were blasting so loud I could barely hear myself think.
Then we got lunch at this chicken place with “Hottest chicken IN the planet.” None of the people knew any english, but we did out best and tried to order food we would like. When our food arrived it turned out we ordered two chicken/rice combos and soup. The food was quite incredible and afterwards we were quite full.
Following food we went to get massages for only about $8 USD. After we stopped to get a few more snacks and oreo ice cream since.. apparently they don’t have that in Austria..? What a strange country.
The real question of our trip: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”
 Early in the morning.. about 5:15-5:30am we were woken up by some religious dancing and announcements so loud it was hurting my ears. I have no idea what was going on, but we did not get much sleep since they were also making loud announcements the night before when we were reading a little for class.
The idea was to get up early enough for breakfast, however we saw that the ferry boarding time was quite a bit earlier than we had assumed. So, we got a hotel shuttle to take us to the ferry port and we headed back to Singapore. The ferry ride was short and sweet. We got lunch at a little foodcourt inside a new building near school and proceeded straight to the library for the rest of the day. We were both quite worried about being behind on our studies and group projects.


Eat, Sleep, Study, Class. All day. No variation of fun. Oh and I went back to the clinic to grab more medication since I still have this terrible cough.. it is now week 3 of coughing with medicine -_- I want to be healthy!


I went to my classes, realized I had no time to even stop back at my place before our flight to Bali, Indonesia so Johannes saved my ass by going back to my apartment and picking up my bag for me. Then after class Simon (Austria), Johannes and I headed to the airport to take off to Bali- where we would meet our friend Daan(Netherlands).

 Fun Facts: img_1951
  • Gasoline was sold in 1.5 L plastic water bottles
  • Cash was so different, basically became a millionaire overnight
    • 1 USD = 13,700 Indonesian Rupiah
    • 1 Euro = 14,400 Indonesian Rupiah
  •  We saw a “gaming room” .. for those to play video games during the day together in a room
  • At the ferry port.. there was 5 stairs.. before the escalator… why.. just… why.. ?
  • Taxi’s were crazy expensive on this island two ways almost the cost of the hotel for one night.
  • Maybe it was low season.. but no one was there.. like ghost town most of the time..


Langkawi, Malaysia Extras~

Lunch on the beach


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  1. dan says:

    god. what an adventure you are on. keep going~~~


    1. shafe0071 says:

      Thank you! I am just trying to see as much as I can and living each day to the fullest! I don’t know if ill have another chance to in life to live like this so I need to take advantage of this time❤️ I miss you and commons tho!


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